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Visual Biofeedback

Visual Biofeedback for a dual-taskinig approach to engange the cognitive system.

Improved Recovery Times

Improvement in control, coordination, reaction time, in addition to power & strength.

Proven Return on Investment

Learn more about how your practice can increase revenues utilizing approved CPT Billing codes.

Innovation The Next Generation of Bio Feedback Training

Improve Patient Outcomes

Learn how MR Cube makes biofeedback training with traditional PT equipment possible through our innovative technology.

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Revenue Opportunities

Increase potential revenue opportunities for your practice through the use of approved biofeedback CPT billing codes.

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Product Downloads

Get the latest product information and downloads in our resource center. View product information and use cases.

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Watch the MR Cube in Action

Watch the MR Cube in action as patients receive real time biofeedback from the MR Cube interface as they perform their rehabilitation.

Product Spotlight

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